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mar·i·nade  (mr-nd)
A liquid mixture, usually of vinegar or wine and oil with various spices and herbs, in which meat, fowl, fish, or vegetables are soaked before cooking.
tr.v. (mr-nd) mar·i·nad·ed, mar·i·nad·ing, mar·i·nades
To soak (food) in such a mixture; marinate.

[French, probably from Italian marinare, to marinate, from Latin (aqua) marna, sea(water), brine, pickle, feminine of marnus, of the sea; see marine.]

marinade  /mrned, mrned/  n. a flavoring sauce used to soak meat, fish, and other food in before cooking: My brother soaks chicken in a marinade of soy sauce and herbs before he barbecues it. See: barbecue. marinade

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