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mag·ne·sia  (mg-nzh, -sh)
Magnesium oxide.

[Middle English, mineral ingredient of the philosophers stone, from Medieval Latin magnsia, from Greek magnsi, a kind of ore, from Magnsi, Magnesia, an ancient city of Asia Minor.]

mag·nesian adj.

magnesia [mægˈniːʃə]
(Chemistry / Elements & Compounds) another name for magnesium oxide
[via Medieval Latin from Greek Magnēsia, of Magnēs ancient mineral-rich region]
magnesian , magnesic [mægˈniːsɪk], magnesial adj

magnesia  (mg-nzh)
A white powder with a very high melting point. It is used to make heat-resistant materials, electrical insulators, cements, fertilizer, and plastics. It is also used in medicine as an antacid and laxative. Chemical formula: MgO.

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