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lu·nar  (lnr)
1. Of, involving, caused by, or affecting the moon.
2. Measured by the revolution of the moon.
3. Of or relating to silver.

[Middle English, crescent-shaped, from Old French lunaire, from Latin lnris, of the moon, from lna, moon; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]

lunar [ˈluːnə]
1. (Astronomy & Space / Celestial Objects) of or relating to the moon
2. (Astronomy & Space / Celestial Objects) occurring on, used on, or designed to land on the surface of the moon lunar module
3. (Astronomy & Space / Celestial Objects) relating to, caused by, or measured by the position or orbital motion of the moon
4. (Chemistry / Elements & Compounds) of or containing silver
[from Latin lūnāris, from lūna the moon]

lunar  (lnr)
1. Relating to the Moon.
2. Measured by the revolution of the Moon around the Earth.

lunar  /lunr/  adj. related to the moon: The astronauts returned from the moon with lunar rocks. lunar

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