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lump 1  (lmp)
1. An irregularly shaped mass or piece.
2. A small cube of sugar.
3. Pathology A swelling or small palpable mass.
4. A collection or totality; an aggregate.
5. A person regarded as ungainly or dull-witted.
6. lumps Informal
a. Severe punishment or treatment, as a beating or an unsparing criticism: take ones lumps.
b. Ones just deserts; comeuppance: get ones lumps.
1. Formed into lumps: lump sugar.
2. Not broken or divided into parts: a lump payment.
v. lumped, lump·ing, lumps
1. To put together in a single group without discrimination.
2. To move with heavy clumsiness.
3. To make into lumps.
1. To become lumpy.
2. To move heavily.
lump in (ones) throat
A feeling of constriction in the throat caused by emotion.

[Middle English lumpe, of Low German origin; akin to obsolete Dutch lompe.]

lump 2  (lmp)
tr.v. lumped, lump·ing, lumps Informal
To tolerate (what must be endured): like it or lump it.

[Perhaps from dialectal lump, to look sullen.]

lump  /lmp/  n. 1 a round mass: An artist molded a lump of clay. 2 a hard abnormal growth: She felt a lump in her breast and called the doctor. 3 a small block of sugar: One lump or two in your coffee? 4 a lump in the throat: a tight feeling in the throat caused by strong emotion 5 to take ones lumps: to suffer punishment or bad luck when trying s.t. difficult: If you play ice hockey, you have to take your lumps; its a rough sport.
v. [T] 1 to put together and treat as the same: He lumps all those who disagree with him into one category: stupid. 2 infrml. to like it or lump it: to accept s.t. that one dislikes: Like it or lump it, we have to follow orders. 3 phrasal v. sep. to lump s.t. together: to put two or more things together, usu. randomly: She lumped together all the files on her desk.||She lumped them together.
adj. a lump sum: an amount of money paid at one time : We paid for the car on the installment plan, because we couldnt afford to pay in a lump sum. lump

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