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Loaf·er  (lfr)
A trademark used for a low leather step-in shoe with an upper resembling a moccasin but with a broad, flat heel. This trademark often occurs in print in lowercase: The groom wore jeans, loafers and no socks (Sports Illustrated).

loaf·er  (lfr)
One who is habitually idle: disliked loafers on the job.

[Short for obsolete land-loafer, vagabond, idler, possibly partial translation of obsolete German Landläufer, from Middle High German landlöufer : land, land + löufer, runner (from loufen, to run, from Old High German hlouffan).]

loafer  /lofr/  n.infrml. 1 a person who avoids work: She is a loafer who works as little as she can. 2 TM for a type of shoe with no laces: Loafers are comfortable footwear. loafer

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