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lit·to·ral  (ltr-l)
Of or on a shore, especially a seashore: a littoral property; the littoral biogeographic zone.
1. A coastal region; a shore.
2. The region or zone between the limits of high and low tides.

[Latin ltorlis, from ltus, ltor-, shore. N., from Italian littorale, from Latin ltorlis.]

littoral [ˈlɪtərəl]
1. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) of or relating to the shore of a sea, lake, or ocean
2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Biology) Biology inhabiting the shore of a sea or lake or the shallow waters near the shore littoral fauna
(Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) a coastal or shore region
[from Late Latin littorālis, from lītorālis, from lītus shore]

littoral  (ltr-l)
Relating to the coastal zone between the limits of high and low tides. The littoral zone is subject to a wide range of environmental conditions, including high-energy wave action and intermittent periods of flooding and drying along with the associated fluctuations in exposure to solar radiation and extremes of temperature. Compare sublittoral.

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