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lin·en  (lnn)
a. Thread made from fibers of the flax plant.
b. Cloth woven from this thread.
2. also linens Articles or garments made from linen or a similar cloth, such as cotton; bed sheets and tablecloths.
3. Paper made from flax fibers or having a linenlike luster.
1. Made of flax or linen.
2. Resembling linen.

[Middle English, from Old English lnen, made of flax, from Germanic *lnin-, from *lnam, flax, probably from Latin lnum; see lno- in Indo-European roots.]

linen  /lnn/  n.adj. 1 cloth woven of flax: She wore a summer dress made of <n.> linen. 2 fabric product such as bedsheets and tablecloths: You can buy towels in the <adj.> linen department of this store. 3 infrml. to wash ones dirty linen in public: to tell ones personal and embarrassing problems in public: The two movie stars washed their dirty linen in public when they talked to reporters about their divorce. linen

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