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lig·nite  (lgnt)
A soft, brownish-black coal in which the alteration of vegetable matter has proceeded further than in peat but not as far as in bituminous coal. Also called brown coal.

lig·nitic (-ntk) adj.

lignite [ˈlɪgnaɪt]
(Earth Sciences / Minerals) a brown carbonaceous sedimentary rock with woody texture that consists of accumulated layers of partially decomposed vegetation: used as a fuel. Fixed carbon content: 46-60 per cent; calorific value: 1.28 ✕ 107 to 1.93 ✕ 107 J/kg (5500 to 8300 Btu/lb) Also called brown coal
lignitic  [lɪgˈnɪtɪk] adj

lignite  (lgnt)
A soft, brownish-black form of coal having more carbon than peat but less carbon than bituminous coal. Lignite is easy to mine but does not burn as well as other forms of coal. It is a greater polluter than bituminous coal because it has a higher sulphur content. Compare anthracitebituminous coal

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