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leg  (lg)
a. A limb or an appendage of an animal, used for locomotion or support.
b. One of the lower or hind limbs in humans and primates.
c. The part of the limb between the knee and foot in vertebrates.
d. The back part of the hindquarter of a meat animal.
2. A supporting part resembling a leg in shape or function.
3. One of the branches of a forked or jointed object.
4. The part of a garment, especially of a pair of trousers, that covers the leg.
5. Mathematics Either side of a right triangle that is not the hypotenuse.
6. A stage of a journey or course, especially:
a. Nautical The distance traveled by a sailing vessel on a single tack.
b. The part of an air route or a flight pattern that is between two successive stops, positions, or changes in direction.
c. One of several contests that must be successfully completed in order to determine the winner of a competition.
d. Sports One stretch of a relay race.
7. legs The narrow streams of swirled wine or spirits that run slowly down along the inside of a glass, often believed to indicate that the liquid is full-bodied.
8. legs The ability to last or sustain success, especially by appealing to an audience: a blockbuster movie that has legs.
intr.v. legged, leg·ging, legs Informal
To go on foot; walk or run. Often used with the indefinite it: Because we missed the bus, we had to leg it across town.
a leg to stand on Slang
A justifiable or logical basis for defense; support: He doesnt have a leg to stand on in this debate.
a leg up Slang
1. The act or an instance of assisting; a boost.
2. A position of advantage; an edge: We have a leg up on the competition.
on (ones) last legs
At the end of ones strength or resources; ready to collapse, fail, or die.

[Middle English, from Old Norse leggr.]

leg  /lg/  n. 1 one of the lower limbs of humans and many animals, used for walking, running, etc.: Runners need strong legs. 2 one of the supports of a piece of furniture: Dont sit on that chair; one of the legs is broken. 3 a part of a journey: She flew first to Rome, then to Pisa, then made the last leg of her trip by taxi. 4 infrml. Break a leg!: an expression meaning good luck! used mostly in a theater setting 5 infrml. not to have a leg to stand on: to have no basis for a claim, demand, etc.: The law is entirely against him; he doesnt have a leg to stand on. 6 infrml. to be on ones last legs: to be worn out, close to failure or death: This old car is on its last legs. 7 infrml. to cost an arm and a leg: to cost much more than expected: The lawsuit cost her an arm and a leg, but she won. 8 infrml. to give s.o. a leg up or to have a leg up (on s.t.): to put s.o. or be in a good position (in a competition): He has a leg up on getting that job, because he has a friend in the personnel section who recommended him. 9 infrml. to pull s.o.s leg: to play a trick on s.o., to tease s.o.: She was pulling my leg when she said she had won $1 million in the lottery. 10 infrml. to shake a leg: a. to hurry, move fast: His boss told him to shake a leg and deliver the package. b. to dance: Tonight, were going to shake a leg. 11 to stretch ones legs: to take a walk, esp. after sitting or staying indoors a long time: Im going outside to stretch my legs. leg

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