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Land  (lnd), Edwin Herbert 1909-1991.
American inventor who developed (1932) the light-polarizing plastic film called Polaroid and incorporated it into lenses for cameras and sunglasses. He also invented the one-step photographic process (1947).

land  (lnd)
1. The solid ground of the earth.
a. Ground or soil: tilled the land.
b. A topographically or functionally distinct tract: desert land; prime building land.
a. A nation; a country.
b. The people of a nation, district, or region.
c. lands Territorial possessions or property.
4. Public or private landed property; real estate.
5. Law
a. A tract that may be owned, together with everything growing or constructed on it.
b. A landed estate.
a. An agricultural or farming area: wanted to buy a house on the land.
b. Farming considered as a way of life: The back to the land movement began a couple years ago at the peak of South Koreas economic development and has roots in environmentalism and Buddhist philosophy. (Michael Baker).
7. An area or realm: the land of make-believe; the land of television.
8. The raised portion of a grooved surface, as on a phonograph record.
v. land·ed, land·ing, lands
a. To bring to and unload on land: land cargo.
b. To set (a vehicle) down on land or another surface: land an airplane smoothly; land a seaplane on a lake.
2. Informal To cause to arrive in a place or condition: Civil disobedience will land you in jail.
a. To catch and pull in (a fish): landed a big catfish.
b. Informal To win; secure: land a big contract.
4. Informal To deliver: landed a blow on his opponents head.
a. To come to shore: landed against the current with great difficulty.
b. To disembark: landed at a crowded dock.
2. To descend toward and settle onto the ground or another surface: The helicopter has landed.
3. Informal To arrive in a place or condition: landed at the theater too late for the opening curtain; landed in trouble for being late.
4. To come to rest in a certain way or place: slipped and landed on his shoulder.

[Middle English, from Old English; see lendh- in Indo-European roots.]

land  /lnd/  n. 1 [U] soil, earth: The land in this area is good for farming. 2 [U] an area owned as property: We own our house and the four acres of land around it. 3 [C] a nation, country: The boy dreamed of travel to a foreign land. 4 n.pl. (in law) property: The parks in the town are public lands open to all.
v. 1 [I;T] to reach land: Our airplane landed at New Yorks Kennedy Airport. 2 infrml. [T] to put or be put: The boys joke about the teacher landed him in trouble. 3 to land on ones feet: to be in difficulty, then succeed: He lost his job but landed on his feet by finding a better one. 4 to land s.t.: a. lit. to bring to land: He landed the plane. b. fig. to secure or win: She landed a new job (a big contract, a special assignment, etc.). -adj. landed. land

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