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Lamb, Charles Known as Elia. 1775-1834.
British critic and essayist. With his sister Mary Ann Lamb (1764-1847) he wrote the childrens book Tales from Shakespeare (1807).

Lamb, William. Second Viscount Melbourne. 1779-1848.
British prime minister (1834 and 1835-1841) and adviser to Queen Victoria.

lamb  (lm)
a. A young sheep, especially one that is not yet weaned.
b. The flesh of a young sheep used as meat.
c. Lambskin.
2. A sweet, mild-mannered person; a dear.
3. One who can be duped or cheated especially in financial matters.
4. Lamb Christianity Jesus.
intr.v. lambed, lamb·ing, lambs
To give birth to a young sheep.

[Middle English, from Old English.]

lamb  /lm/  n. [C;U] a young sheep or the meat from one: The family had roast leg of lamb for dinner. lamb

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