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key·board  (kb?rd, -brd)
1. A set of keys, as on a computer terminal, word processor, typewriter, or piano.
2. Music
a. A piano.
b. Any of various instruments, played by means of a set of pianolike keys, often connected to a synthesizer or amplifier.
tr.v. key·board·ed, key·board·ing, key·boards
a. To set (copy) by means of a keyed typesetting machine: keyboard a manuscript.
b. To enter (text or data) into a computer by means of a keyboard.
2. Music To play (a composition) on a piano or keyboard.

keyboarder, keyboardist n.

keyboard  /kibrd/  n. a row or rows of keys (on a piano, computer, etc.): The row of black and white keys on a piano is called a keyboard.
v. [I;T] to type information on a keyboard: He keyboarded his report into the computer. keyboard

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