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in·tro·duc·tion  (ntr-dkshn)
1. The act or process of introducing or the state of being introduced.
2. A means, such as a personal letter, of presenting one person to another.
3. Something recently introduced; an innovation: He loathed a fork; it is a modern introduction which has still scarcely reached common people (D.H. Lawrence).
4. Something spoken, written, or otherwise presented in beginning or introducing something, especially:
a. A preface, as to a book.
b. Music A short preliminary passage in a larger movement or work.
c. A basic introductory text or course of study.

[Middle English introduccioun, from Old French introduction, from Latin intrducti, intrductin-, from intrductus, past participle of intrdcere, to bring in; see introduce.]

introduction  /ntrdkn/  n. 1 [C] a first meeting, in which people learn each others names: She wants to meet that guest; will you make the introduction? 2 [C;U] s.t. new put in or presented: The introduction of new car engines caused excitement in the automobile or at the start of business. 3 [C] an opening statement before or at the start of a speech, paper, or performance: The vice president made an introduction before the president spoke. -adj. introductory.

Thesaurus: introduction 2 a presentation of s.t., launch, debut 3 opening remarks, lead-in | preface. Ant. the end. introduction

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