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in·cal·cu·la·ble  (n-klky-l-bl)
a. Impossible to calculate: a mass of incalculable figures.
b. Too great to be calculated or reckoned: incalculable wealth.
2. Impossible to foresee; unpredictable: The motions of her mind were as incalculable as the flit of a bird (Edith Wharton).

in·calcu·la·bili·ty, in·calcu·la·ble·ness n.
in·calcu·la·bly adv.
Synonyms: incalculable, countless, immeasurable, incomputable, inestimable, infinite, innumerable, measureless
These adjectives mean being greater than can be calculated or reckoned: incalculable riches; countless hours; an immeasurable distance; an incomputable amount; jewels of inestimable value; an infinite number of reasons; innumerable difficulties; measureless power.

incalculable  /nklkylbl/  adj. 1 not able to be counted, limitless: The number of stars in the universe is incalculable. 2 great, immense: The hurricane did incalculable damage to the coastal area. incalculable

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