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home  (hm)
1. A place where one lives; a residence.
2. The physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or apartment.
3. A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household.
a. An environment offering security and happiness.
b. A valued place regarded as a refuge or place of origin.
5. The place, such as a country or town, where one was born or has lived for a long period.
6. The native habitat, as of a plant or animal.
7. The place where something is discovered, founded, developed, or promoted; a source.
8. A headquarters; a home base.
a. Baseball Home plate.
b. Games Home base.
10. An institution where people are cared for: a home for the elderly.
11. Computer Science
a. The starting position of the cursor on a text-based computer display, usually in the upper left corner of the screen.
b. A starting position within a computer application, such as the beginning of a line, file, or screen or the top of a chart or list.
a. Of or relating to a home, especially to ones household or house: home cooking; home furnishings.
b. Taking place in the home: home care for the elderly.
2. Of, relating to, or being a place of origin or headquarters: the home office.
3. Sports Relating to a teams sponsoring institution or to the place where it is franchised: a home game; the home field advantage.
4. Of, relating to, or being the keys used as base positions for the fingers in touch-typing: The home row on a standard keyboard consists of the keys for A, S, D, F, J, K, L, and ;.
1. At, to, or toward the direction of home: going home for lunch.
2. On or into the point at which something is directed: The arrow struck home.
3. To the center or heart of something; deeply: Your comments really hit home.
v. homed, hom·ing, homes
1. To go or return to ones residence or base of operations.
2. To be guided to a target automatically, as by means of radio waves.
3. To move or lead toward a goal: The investigators were homing in on the truth.
To guide (a missile or aircraft) to a target automatically.
at home
1. Available to receive visitors: at home on Thursdays.
2. Comfortable and relaxed; at ease: at home in diplomatic circles.
3. Feeling an easy competence and familiarity: at home in French.
home free
Out of jeopardy; assured of success: We had our hardest exams first and were home free after that.

[Middle English, from Old English hm; see tkei- in Indo-European roots.]

home  /hom/  n. 1 the place where one lives: My home is an apartment in Manhattan. 2 ones birthplace: My home was originally in Boston (in America, North America, etc.). 3 a place where s.t. comes from: New Orleans is the home of jazz music. 4 (in baseball) home plate 5 at home: a. comfortable and welcome, as you would feel in your own house: I feel at home at my friends house.||When she visits me, I tell her to make herself at home. b. comfortable with s.t.: Shes at home working with computers.||Hes at home with horses; hes ridden them for years. 6 theres no place like home (or) home sweet home: related to ones sense of belonging or comfort: I am so sick of traveling for a month; theres no place like home.
adj. 1 related to or prepared at home: When I went away to college, I really missed my mothers home cooking. 2 related to or being a base of operations: The companys home office is in Chicago.
adv. 1 to hit home: to disturb, affect deeply: His wifes criticism of his bad habits hit home, and he changed them. 2 towards home: where one lives: We were driving towards home when we saw the accident.
v. homed, homing, homes 1 [I] (said of pigeons) to head to ones place of origin: Homing pigeons released into the air far away home for their nests. 2 phrasal v. insep. [T] to home in on s.t.: to move toward, sight on: Guided missiles home in on their target and hit it. home

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