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Hill, Ambrose Powell 1825-1865.
American Confederate officer active in the Seven Days Battle, the Second Battle of Bull Run, and the Battle of Antietam (all 1862). Units under his command began the Battle of Gettysburg (1863).

Hill, James J(erome) 1838-1916.
American railroad magnate who promoted the Great Northern Railway and with J.P. Morgan gained control of the Northern Pacific Railroad in a stock market struggle that provoked the Panic of 1901.

hill  (hl)
1. A well-defined natural elevation smaller than a mountain.
2. A small heap, pile, or mound.
a. A mound of earth piled around and over a plant.
b. A plant thus covered.
4. An incline, especially of a road; a slope.
5. Hill
a. Capitol Hill. Often used with the.
b. The U.S. Congress. Often used with the.
tr.v. hilled, hill·ing, hills
1. To form into a hill, pile, or heap.
2. To cover (a plant) with a mound of soil.
over the hill Informal
Past ones prime.

[Middle English hil, from Old English hyll; see kel-2 in Indo-European roots.]

hiller n.

hill  /hl/  n. 1 (in geology) an elevation of land shorter than a mountain: The hills above the city offer a lovely view. 2 a pile, mound: A truck deposited a hill of earth in the yard. 3 a hill of beans: s.t. unimportant, (syn.) inconsequential: That political scandal doesnt amount to a hill of beans. 4 over the hill: old, ineffective: He was a great lawyer at one time, but hes over the hill now.

Thesaurus: hill 1 a slope, bluff, foothill | mountain 2 a load, pile. hill

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