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heap  (hp)
1. A group of things placed or thrown, one on top of the other: a heap of dirty rags lying in the corner.
2. Informal A great deal; a lot. Often used in the plural: We have heaps of homework tonight.
3. Slang An old or run-down car.
tr.v. heaped, heap·ing, heaps
1. To put or throw in a pile.
2. To fill completely or to overflowing: heap a plate with vegetables.
3. To bestow in abundance or lavishly: heaped praise on the rescuers.

[Middle English, from Old English hap.]
Synonyms: heap, bank1, mound, pile1, stack
These nouns denote a group or collection of things lying one on top of the other: a heap of old newspapers; a bank of thunderclouds; a mound of boulders; a pile of boxes; a stack of firewood.

heap  /hip/  n. a pile of s.t., (syn.) a mound: The garbage dump contains heaps of trash.
v. [T] to pile up: The party guests heaped gifts on the table. heap

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