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hard·en  (härdn)
v. hard·ened, hard·en·ing, hard·ens
1. To make hard or harder.
2. To enable to withstand physical or mental hardship.
3. To make unfeeling, unsympathetic, or callous: To love love and not its meaning hardens the heart in monstrous ways (Archibald MacLeish).
4. To make sharp, as in outline.
5. To protect (nuclear weapons) by surrounding with earth or concrete.
1. To become hard or harder.
2. To rise and become stable. Used of prices.
3. To become inured.
Synonyms: harden, acclimate, acclimatize, season, toughen
These verbs mean to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure: was hardened to frontier life; is acclimated to the tropical heat; was acclimatized by long hours to overwork; became seasoned to life in prison; toughened by experience.

harden  /hrdn/  v. [I;T] 1 to make hard, firm: To fix a broken vase, first use glue, then hold the vase together until the glue hardens. 2 phrasal v. insep. to harden s.o. to s.t.: to toughen mentally: Difficulties, like having little money, only hardened her desire to succeed. -n. hardener.

Thesaurus: harden 1 to set, solidify. Ant. to soften.
hard hat n. 1 in USA, a helmet worn by con-struction workers to keep them from being hurt 2 fig. a construction worker
adj.n.fig. having conservative val-ues, esp. patriotism: <n.> Hard hats place an American flag atop skyscrapers after they finish building them. harden

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