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grub  (grb)
v. grubbed, grub·bing, grubs
1. To dig up by or as if by the roots: grubbed carrots with a stick.
2. To clear of roots and stumps by digging: grubbed a small plot.
3. Slang To obtain by importunity: grub a cigarette.
1. To dig in the earth: grub for potatoes.
a. To search laboriously by or as if by digging; rummage.
b. To toil arduously; drudge: grub for a living.
1. The thick wormlike larva of certain beetles and other insects.
2. A drudge.
3. Slang Food.

[Middle English grubben, from Old English *grybban; see ghrebh-2 in Indo-European roots.]

grubber n.

grub  /grb/  n. 1 an insect that looks like a small worm: I killed the grubs in the garbage can. 2 infrml. food: Lets get some grub for lunch. grub

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