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grate 1  (grt)
v. grat·ed, grat·ing, grates
1. To reduce to fragments, shreds, or powder by rubbing against an abrasive surface.
2. To cause to make a harsh grinding or rasping sound through friction: grated her teeth in anger.
3. To irritate or annoy persistently.
4. Archaic To rub or wear away.
1. To make a harsh rasping sound by or as if by scraping or grinding.
2. To cause irritation or annoyance: a noise that grates on ones nerves.
A harsh rasping sound made by scraping or rubbing: the grate of a key in a lock.

[Middle English graten, from Old French grater, to scrape, of Germanic origin.]

grate 2  (grt)
1. A framework of parallel or latticed bars for blocking an opening.
2. A framework of metal bars used to hold fuel or food in a stove, furnace, or fireplace.
3. A fireplace.
4. A perforated iron plate or screen for sieving and grading crushed ore.
tr.v. grat·ed, grat·ing, grates
To equip with a grate.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin grta, alteration of Latin crtis, wickerwork.]

grate  /gret/  v. grated, grating, grates 1 [I] to make a sharp unpleasant sound by rubbing against s.t.: When one piece of metal grates against another, it produces a terrible noise. 2 [T] to make into small pieces by rubbing against a rough surface: The cook grated a piece of cheese. 3 [I;T] to make s.o. annoyed, (syns.) to irritate, rankle: That rude fellow grates on my nerves. -n. grater.
n. 1 bars that hold the wood and coal in a fireplace 2 bars put over a window to keep out thieves grate

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