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glit·ter  (gltr)
1. A sparkling or glistening light.
2. Brilliant or showy, often superficial attractiveness.
3. Small pieces of light-reflecting decorative material.
intr.v. glit·tered, glit·ter·ing, glit·ters
a. To sparkle brilliantly; glisten. See Synonyms at flash.
b. To sparkle coldly or malevolently: eyes that glittered at the prospect of revenge.
2. To be brilliantly, often deceptively, attractive.

[Middle English gliteren, to sparkle, from Old Norse glitra; see ghel-2 in Indo-European roots.]

glitter·ing·ly adv.
glitter·y adj.

glitter  /gltr/  v. 1 [I] to shine brightly with flashes of light, (syn.) to sparkle: Her jewels glittered. 2 all that glitters is not gold: everything that looks or seems attractive is not always attractive in reality: You can be rich and still be unhappy because all that glitters is not gold.
n. sparkle, (syns.) glamour, showiness: The glitter of Hollywood attracts tourists. -adj. glittering. glitter

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