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glimpse  (glmps)
1. A brief, incomplete view or look.
2. Archaic A brief flash of light.
v. glimpsed, glimps·ing, glimps·es
To obtain a brief, incomplete view of.
To look briefly; glance: glimpsed at the headlines.

[Middle English glimsen, to glisten, glance; see ghel-2 in Indo-European roots.]

glimpser n.

glimpse  /glmps/  n. 1 a short look at s.t., often not very clear 2 to catch a glimpse of s.t.: to see briefly: I only caught a glimpse of the thief before he ran away.
v. [T] glimpsed, glimpsing, glimpses to see s.t. quickly, often not very well: I glimpsed the house through the trees. See: glance. glimpse

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