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fre·quent  (frkwnt)
1. Occurring or appearing quite often or at close intervals: frequent errors of judgment.
2. Habitual or regular: a frequent visitor to our house.
tr.v. also (fr-kwnt) fre·quent·ed, fre·quent·ing, fre·quents
To pay frequent visits to; be in or at often: frequent a restaurant.

[Middle English, ample, profuse, from Old French, from Latin frequns, frequent-, crowded, numerous, frequent.]

frequen·tation n.
fre·quenter (-kwntr) n.
frequent·ness n.

frequent  /frikwnt/  adj. often: Car theft is a frequent occurrence in this area.
v. [T] to visit: He frequents the local restaurants often. -adv. frequently.

Thesaurus: frequent adj. regular, common, repeated. Ant. rare.
v. to patronize, go to, hang out at infrml. frequent

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