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flock 1  (flk)
1. A group of animals that live, travel, or feed together.
2. A group of people under the leadership of one person, especially the members of a church.
3. A large crowd or number: had a flock of questions.
intr.v. flocked, flock·ing, flocks
To congregate or travel in a flock or crowd.

[Middle English flok, from Old English floc.]
Synonyms: flock1, herd, drove2, pack1, gang1, brood
These nouns denote a number of animals, birds, or fish considered collectively, and some have human connotations. Flock is applied to a congregation of animals of one kind, especially sheep or goats herded by people, and to any congregation of wild or domesticated birds, especially when on the ground. It is also applicable to people who form the membership of a church or to people under someones care or supervision. Herd is used of a number of animals, especially cattle, herded by people; or of wild animals such as antelope, elephants, and zebras; or of whales and seals. Applied to people, it is used disparagingly of a crowd or of the masses and suggests the gregarious aspect of crowd psychology. Drove is used of a herd or flock, as of cattle or geese, that is being moved or driven from one place to another; less often it refers to a crowd of people in movement. Pack is applicable to any body of animals, especially wolves, or of birds, especially grouse, and to a body of hounds trained to hunt as a unit. It also refers disparagingly to a band or group of persons. Gang refers to a herd, especially of buffalo or elk; to a pack of wolves or wild dogs; or to various associations of persons, especially when engaged in violent or criminal pursuits. Brood is applicable to offspring that are still under the care of a mother, especially the offspring of domestic or game birds or, less formally, of people. · The following related terms are used as indicated: bevy, a company of roe deer, larks, or quail; cast, the number of hawks or falcons cast off at one time, usually a pair; cete, a company of badgers; covert, a flock of coots; covey, a family of grouse, partridges, or other game birds; drift, a drove or herd, especially of hogs; exaltation, a flight of larks; fall, a family of woodcock in flight; flight, a flock of birds in flight; gaggle, a flock of geese; gam, a school of whales, or a social congregation of whalers, especially at sea; kennel, a number of hounds or dogs housed in one place or under the same ownership; kindle, a brood or litter, especially of kittens; litter, the total number of offspring produced at a single birth by a multiparous mammal; murder, a flock of crows; muster, a flock of peacocks; nide, a brood of pheasants; pod, a small herd of seals or whales; pride, a company of lions; rout, a company of people or animals in movement, especially knights or wolves; school, a congregation of fish, or aquatic mammals such as dolphins or porpoises; shrewdness, a company of apes; skein, a flight of wildfowl, especially geese; skulk, a congregation of vermin, especially foxes, or of thieves; sloth, a company of bears; sord, a flight of mallards; sounder, a herd of wild boar; stable, a number of horses housed in one place or under the same ownership; swarm, a colony of insects, such as ants, bees, or wasps, especially when migrating to a new nest or hive; troop, a number of animals, birds, or people, especially when on the move; warren, the inhabitants, such as rabbits, of a warren; watch, a flock of nightingales; and wisp, a flock of birds, especially of snipe. See Also Synonyms at crowd1.

flock 2  (flk)
1. A tuft, as of fiber or hair.
2. Waste wool or cotton used for stuffing furniture and mattresses.
3. An inferior grade of wool added to cloth for extra weight.
4. Pulverized wool or felt that is applied to paper, cloth, or metal to produce a texture or pattern.
5. See floccule.
tr.v. flocked, flock·ing, flocks
1. To stuff with waste wool or cotton.
2. To texture or pattern with pulverized wool or felt.

[Middle English flok, from Old French floc, from Latin floccus, tuft of wool.]

flock  /flk/  n. 1 a group of certain animals, such as sheep, goats, chickens, and geese: A flock of sheep came down from the mountain. 2 fig. a group of many people: A flock of people crowded into the hall.
v. [I] to gather or crowd together, (syn.) to congregate: Thousands of people flocked to see the famous religious leader. flock

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