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fling  (flng)
v. flung (flng), fling·ing, flings
1. To throw with violence: flung the dish against the wall. See Synonyms at throw.
2. To put or send suddenly or unexpectedly: troops that were flung into battle.
3. To throw (oneself) into an activity with abandon and energy.
4. To cast aside; discard: fling propriety away.
To move quickly, violently, or impulsively.
1. The act of flinging.
2. A brief period of indulging ones impulses. See Synonyms at binge.
3. Informal A usually brief attempt or effort: You take a fling at it.
4. A brief sexual or romantic relationship.

[Middle English flingen, of Scandinavian origin; see plk-2 in Indo-European roots.]

fling  /fl/  v. [T] flung, /fl/ flinging, flings to throw, toss forcefully: When he is angry, he flings his jacket off.
n. 1 a forceful throw: He gave the ball a fling toward his friend. 2 infrml. to have a fling: a. a brief, intense time of enjoyment: She had a one-week fling in New York going to nightclubs and discos every night before returning to Iowa. b. a brief romantic relationship: She was angry with her husband after discovering he had had a fling with her best friend. fling

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