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find  (fnd)
v. found (found), find·ing, finds
1. To come upon, often by accident; meet with.
2. To come upon or discover by searching or making an effort: found the leak in the pipe.
3. To discover or ascertain through observation, experience, or study: found a solution; find the product of two numbers; found that it didnt really matter.
a. To perceive to be, after experience or consideration: found the gadget surprisingly useful; found the book entertaining.
b. To experience or feel: found comfort in her smile.
5. To recover (something lost): found her keys.
6. To recover the use of; regain: found my voice and replied.
7. To succeed in reaching; arrive at: The dart found its mark.
8. To obtain or acquire by effort: found the money by economizing.
9. To decide on and make a declaration about: The jury deliberated and found a verdict of guilty. All the jurors found him guilty.
10. To furnish; supply.
a. To bring (oneself) to an awareness of what one truly wishes to be and do in life.
b. To perceive (oneself) to be in a specific place or condition: found herself at home that night; found himself drawn to the stranger.
To come to a legal decision or verdict: The jury found for the defendant.
1. The act of finding.
2. Something that is found, especially an unexpectedly valuable discovery: The Rosetta stone was a providential archaeological find.
Phrasal Verb:
find out
1. To ascertain (something), as through examination or inquiry: I found out the phone number by looking it up. If youre not sure, find out.
2. To detect the true nature or character of; expose: Liars risk being found out.
3. To detect and apprehend; catch: Most embezzlers are found out in the end.

[Middle English finden, from Old English findan; see pent- in Indo-European roots.]

finda·ble adj.

find  /fand/  v. [T] found /fand/, finding, finds 1 (syns.) to come across (in discovery by chance), stumble on (or) across, chance upon: I found $10 on the sidewalk. I came across $10 on the sidewalk. 2 (syns.) to realize, notice, as in learning from experience: She finds that she can lose weight just by eating less. She realizes that she can lose weight just by eating less. She notices that she can lose weight just by eating less. 3 (syn.) to search for s.t. (and find it): He found a new job (apartment, school, etc.). He searched for a new job. 4 (syns.) to reach s.t. or somewhere | regain, recover (ones way): The arrow found its target. The arrow reached its target. 5 (syn.) to meet s.o.: We found our friends waiting for us at the restaurant. We met our friends as they waited for us at the restaurant. 6 (syn.) to describe, as a reaction to s.o. or s.t.: She found the museum was fascinating. She described the museum as fascinating. 7 to find for or against s.o.: (in law) to decide that s.o. is guilty or not guilty: The jury found for the defendant (or) found the defendant not guilty. 8 to find it in ones heart: to search deeply within oneself for kind feelings: He could not find it in his heart to forgive her. 9 to find it (odd, unusual, unlikely, etc.) that: to make an observation that s.t. is strange: I find it odd that my friend hasnt called recently; I hope hes not ill. 10 to find oneself: to discover ones true abilities and be at peace with oneself: She is doing well as a lawyer and has finally found herself. 11 to find ones way clear to do s.t.: to agree to do s.t. unlikely or difficult: After much discussion, the bank found its way clear to give me a loan. 12 phrasal v. sep. [T] to find s.o. out: to discover s.o. is guilty of a wrongdoing, (syn.) to unmask: He was stealing from the company, but the manager found him out. 13 phrasal v. sep. [I;T] to find s.t. out: to learn, (syn.) to uncover: I just found out that the payment is due tomorrow.||I found it out. 14 to find the use of: to be able to use again, esp. an arm, leg, or sense: He was hurt but gradually found the use of his injured legs.
n. a valuable discovery: The deep sea treasure was an exciting find.||The new secretary in my office is a real find. find

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