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fem·i·nine  (fm-nn)
1. Of or relating to women or girls. See Synonyms at female.
2. Characterized by or possessing qualities generally attributed to a woman.
3. Effeminate; womanish.
4. Grammar Designating or belonging to the gender of words or grammatical forms that refer chiefly to females or to things classified as female.
n. Grammar
1. The feminine gender.
2. A word or form belonging to the feminine gender.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin fminnus, from fmina, woman; see dh(i)- in Indo-European roots.]

femi·nine·ly adv.
femi·nine·ness n.

feminine  /fmnn/  adj. 1 having characteristics traditionally considered typical of women, such as warmth and softness: The dress she wore to the party made her look very feminine. 2 (in grammar) referring to a certain class of words: The word for house is feminine in Spanish. -adv. femininely.

Thesaurus: feminine 1 womanly, ladylike. Ant. masculine. feminine

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