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ex·clu·sive  (k-sklsv)
1. Excluding or tending to exclude: exclusive barriers.
2. Not allowing something else; incompatible: mutually exclusive conditions.
3. Not divided or shared with others: exclusive publishing rights.
4. Not accompanied by others; single or sole: your exclusive function.
5. Complete; undivided: gained their exclusive attention.
6. Not including the specified extremes or limits, but only the area between them: 20-25, exclusive; that is, 21, 22, 23 and 24.
7. Excluding some or most, as from membership or participation: an exclusive club.
8. Catering to a wealthy clientele; expensive: exclusive shops.
9. Linguistics Of, relating to, or being a first person plural pronoun that excludes the addressee, such as we in the sentence Chris and I will be in town tomorrow, so we can stop by your office.
1. A news item initially released to only one publication or broadcaster.
2. An exclusive right or privilege, as to market a product.

ex·clusive·ly adv.
ex·clusive·ness, exclu·sivi·ty (kskl-sv-t) n.

exclusive  /ksklusv/  adj. 1 limited to people with a lot of money and high social position, (syns.) restricted, prestigious: an exclusive club||an exclusive neighborhood 2 belonging to one person, company, or contract: Our company has the exclusive rights to distribute that product. 3 exclusive of: not including or considering
n.fig. a sole right: We have an exclusive on that product; no one else can sell it. -adv. exclusively; -n. [U] exclusivity /ksklusvti/. exclusive

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