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es·tate  (-stt)
1. A landed property, usually of considerable size.
2. The whole of ones possessions, especially all the property and debts left by one at death.
3. Law The nature and extent of an owners rights with respect to land or other property.
4. Chiefly British A housing development.
5. The situation or circumstances of ones life: A childs estate gives way to the adults estate.
6. Social position or rank, especially of high order.
7. A major social class, such as the clergy, the nobility, or the commons, formerly possessing distinct political rights.
8. Archaic Display of wealth or power; pomp.

[Middle English estat, condition, from Old French; see state.]

estate  /stet/  n. 1 a large house with much land 2 the wealth (money, property) left by a dead person: His estate was worth a million dollars. estate

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