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es·tab·lish  (-stblsh)
tr.v. es·tab·lished, es·tab·lish·ing, es·tab·lish·es
a. To set up; found. See Synonyms at found1.
b. To bring about; generate: establish goodwill in the neighborhood.
a. To place or settle in a secure position or condition; install: They established me in my own business.
b. To make firm or secure.
3. To cause to be recognized and accepted: a discovery that established his reputation.
4. To introduce and put (a law, for example) into force.
5. To prove the validity or truth of: The defense attorneys established the innocence of the accused.
6. To make a state institution of (a church).

[Middle English establishen, from Old French establir, establiss-, from Latin stabilre, from stabilis, firm; see st- in Indo-European roots.]

es·tablish·er n.

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