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end  (nd)
1. Either extremity of something that has length: the end of the pier.
2. The outside or extreme edge or physical limit; a boundary: the end of town.
3. The point in time when an action, an event, or a phenomenon ceases or is completed; the conclusion: the end of the day.
4. A result; an outcome.
5. Something toward which one strives; a goal. See Synonyms at intention.
6. The termination of life or existence; death: A man awaits his end/Dreading and hoping all (William Butler Yeats).
7. The ultimate extent; the very limit: the end of ones patience.
8. Slang The very best; the ultimate: This pizzas the end.
9. A remainder; a remnant.
a. A share of a responsibility or obligation: your end of the bargain.
b. A particular area of responsibility: in charge of the business end of the campaign.
11. Football
a. Either of the players in the outermost position on the line of scrimmage.
b. The position played by such a player.
v. end·ed, end·ing, ends
1. To bring to a conclusion.
2. To form the last or concluding part of: the song that ended the performance.
3. To destroy: ended our hopes.
1. To come to a finish; cease. See Synonyms at complete.
2. To arrive at a place, situation, or condition as a result of a course of action. Often used with up: He ended up as an advisor to the president. The painting ended up being sold for a million dollars.
3. To die.
in the end
Eventually; ultimately: All will turn out well in the end.
no end
A great deal: She had no end of stories to tell.
on end
1. Having one end down; upright: books placed on end on the shelf.
2. Without stopping: drove for hours on end.

[Middle English ende, from Old English; see ant- in Indo-European roots.]

end  /nd/  n. 1 the last part of s.t., (syn.) the extremity: the end of a stick (wire, street, etc.) 2 the last part in time, the finish, (syns.) the termination, conclusion: the end of a story (a class, a year, etc.) 3 a serious conclusion, such as destruction or death: the end of all hope (ones marriage, a life, etc.) 4 frml. a goal, purpose: The company wanted to improve its image, so to that end, it hired a popular athlete to appear in its advertisements. 5 at s.o.s end: in s.o.s area of responsibility: Have there been any problems at your end of the project? 6 at the end of ones rope: totally blocked and frustrated: He has tried everything to stop smoking, but he cannot do it, and now he is at the end of his rope. 7 (at) the end of the line: (at) the final point of an activity or relationship where there can be no more progress: We argue all the time, so this is the end of the line. Good-bye! 8 end to end: with the ends of objects touching each other: We put two tables end to end to make one long table. 9 infrml. no end of: a lot of: The boy caused no end of trouble for his parents. 10 on end: a. placed on an extremity, upright: A worker stood the table on end so that he could paint its underside. b. (of time) for a long time without stopping: She waited for days on end before his letter finally arrived. 11 to bring to an end: to conclude, terminate: The manager brought the meeting to an end. 12 infrml. to go off the deep end: to do s.t. that is very foolish or risky: He bought a boat he cannot afford; he went off the deep end! 13 to hold up or keep up ones end: to do what one agreed to do: You promised to pay half the cost, so give me a check and hold up your end of the bargain. 14 to make ends meet: to get enough money to pay for necessities and survive financially: I make just enough money to make ends meet, to pay the rent and buy food. 15 to put an end to: to stop (usu. s.t. that is annoying): I put an end to her complaints by simply telling her to stop!
v. 1 [I;T] to make stop, bring to an end: We ended our conversation with a promise to see each other again. 2 [I] to come to a stop, finish: The sandy beach ends two miles north of here. 3 phrasal v. insep. [I] to end in s.t.: to result in: The meeting ended in a confrontation. 4 to end it all or to put an end to it all: to kill oneself, commit suicide: He had cancer and decided to end it all by shooting himself. 5 phrasal v. [I] to end up: to come finally to a particular place or position: She ended up owning the company where she had gotten her first job. See: dead end.

Thesaurus: end v. 1 to finish, conclude, terminate 2 to leave off, run out. Ant. to begin. end

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