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el·e·phant  (l-fnt)
1. Either of two very large herbivorous mammals, Elephas maximus of south-central Asia or Loxodonta africana of Africa, having thick, almost hairless skin, a long, flexible, prehensile trunk, upper incisors forming long curved tusks of ivory, and, in the African species, large fan-shaped ears.
2. Any of various extinct or living animals related to either of these two animals.

[Middle English elefaunt, from Old French olifant, from Vulgar Latin *olifantus, from Latin elephantus, from Greek elephs, elephant-.]

elephant  /lfnt/  n. the largest earthbound mammal, with four legs, usu. gray skin, a trunk, and long tusks -adj. elephantine. See: white elephant. elephant

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