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dol·lar  (dlr)
1. See Table at currency.
2. A coin or note worth one dollar.

[Low German daler, taler, from German Taler, short for Joachimstaler, after Joachimstal (J?chymov), a town of northwest Czech Republic where similar coins were first minted.]

dollar  /dlr/  n. 1 the unit of money used by USA, Canada, and Australia: The price of oil is given in US dollars. 2 dollars and cents: thought of only in terms of money: Her choice of a career was simply a matter of dollars and cents, not one of personal desires. 3 the almighty dollar: a. (symbol of) a love of money: Hell do anything for the almighty dollar. b. (symbol of) financial strength: Governments try to lower its value, but the almighty dollar stays strong!

Thesaurus: dollar 1 a dollar bill, a buck infrml. | currency, legal tender. dollar

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