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dis·tinct  (d-stngkt)
1. Readily distinguishable from all others; discrete: on two distinct occasions.
2. Easily perceived by the senses or intellect; clear: a distinct flavor.
3. Clearly defined; unquestionable: at a distinct disadvantage.
4. Very likely; probable: There is a distinct possibility that she wont come.
5. Notable: a distinct honor and high privilege.

[Middle English, past participle of distincten, to distinguish, discern, from Old French destincter, from Latin distnctus, past participle of distinguere, to distinguish; see distinguish.]

dis·tinctly adv.
dis·tinctness n.
Synonyms: distinct, discrete, separate, several
These adjectives mean distinguished from others in nature or qualities: 12 distinct colors; a company with six discrete divisions; a problem consisting of two separate issues; performed several steps of the process. See Also Synonyms at apparent.
Usage Note: A thing is distinct if it is sharply distinguished from other things; a property or attribute is distinctive if it enables us to distinguish one thing from another. The warbler is not a distinct species means that the warbler is not a clearly defined type of bird. The pine warbler has a distinctive song means that the pine warblers song enables us to distinguish it from all other birds, including other warblers.

distinct  /dstkt/  adj. 1 clear, easy to see: Medical care has made a distinct improvement in his health. 2 separate, different: Those two types of birds are quite distinct (from each other). -adv. distinctly. distinct

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