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dis·cord  (dsk?rd)
a. Lack of agreement among persons, groups, or things.
b. Tension or strife resulting from a lack of agreement; dissension.
2. A confused or harsh sound or mingling of sounds.
3. Music An inharmonious combination of simultaneously sounded tones; a dissonance.
intr.v. (d-sk?rd, dsk?rd) dis·cord·ed, dis·cord·ing, dis·cords
To fail to agree or harmonize; clash.

[Middle English, from Old French descorde, from Latin discordia, from discors, discord-, disagreeing : dis-, apart; see dis- + cor, cord-, heart; see kerd- in Indo-European roots.]
Synonyms: discord, strife, contention, dissension, conflict, clash, variance
These nouns refer to a state of disagreement and disharmony. Discord is a lack of harmony often marked by bickering and antipathy: family discord.
Strife usually implies a struggle, often destructive, between rivals or factions: political strife.
Contention suggests a dispute in the form of heated debate or quarreling: lively contention among the candidates.
Dissension implies difference of opinion that disrupts unity within a group: rampant dissension among the staff.
Conflict suggests antagonism of ideas or interests that often results in hostility or divisiveness: conflict between smoking and nonsmoking factions.
Clash involves irreconcilable ideas or interests: a personality clash.
Variance usually suggests discrepancy or incompatibility: actions at variance with his principles.

discord  /dskrd/  n. 1 [U] disagreement, conflict: A meeting full of discord left everyone with headaches. 2 [C;U] an unpleasant combination of notes or sounds: The children trying out musical instruments produced a terrible discord. discord

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