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dic·tion·ar·y  (dksh-nr)
n. pl. dic·tion·ar·ies
1. A reference book containing an alphabetical list of words, with information given for each word, usually including meaning, pronunciation, and etymology.
2. A book listing the words of a language with translations into another language.
3. A book listing words or other linguistic items in a particular category or subject with specialized information about them: a medical dictionary.
4. Computer Science
a. A list of words stored in machine-readable form for reference, as by spelling-checking software.
b. An electronic spelling checker.

[Medieval Latin dictinrium, from Latin dicti, dictin-, diction; see diction.]

dictionary  /dknri/  n. -ies a book or computer program listing words in alphabetical order with their meanings: For a definition of that word, consult the dictionary.

Thesaurus: dictionary a lexicon, glossary, vocabulary. dictionary

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