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deme  (dm)
1. One of the townships of ancient Attica.
2. Ecology A local, usually stable population of interbreeding organisms of the same kind or species.

[Greek dmos, people, land; see d- in Indo-European roots.]

deme [diːm]
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (Historical Terms)
a.  (in preclassical Greece) the territory inhabited by a tribe
b.  (in ancient Attica) a geographical unit of local government
2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Biology) Biology a group of individuals within a species that possess particular characteristics of cytology, genetics, etc.
[from Greek dēmos district in local government, the populace]

deme  (dm)
A small, locally interbreeding group of organisms within a larger population. Demes are isolated reproductively from other members of their species, although the isolation may only be partial and is not necessarily permanent. Because they share a somewhat restricted gene pool, members of a deme generally differ morphologically to some degree from members of other demes. See also population.

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