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dash 1  (dsh)
v. dashed, dash·ing, dash·es
1. To break or smash by striking violently.
2. To hurl, knock, or thrust with sudden violence.
3. To splash; bespatter.
a. To write hastily. Often used with off: dashed off a note to the dean.
b. To drink hastily. Often used with down: dashed down a glass of milk.
a. To add an enlivening or altering element to.
b. To affect by adding another element or ingredient to: ice cream that was dashed with rum.
a. To destroy or wreck: Our dreams were dashed. See Synonyms at blast.
b. To confound; abash.
1. To strike violently; smash.
2. To move with haste; rush: dashed to the door.
1. A swift, violent blow or stroke: knocked the books to the floor with an impatient dash of his hand.
a. A splash.
b. A small amount of an added ingredient: a dash of sherry.
3. A quick stroke, as with a pencil or brush.
4. A sudden movement; a rush: made a dash for the exit.
5. Sports A footrace, usually less than a quarter-mile long, run at top speed from the outset.
6. A spirited quality in action or style; verve. See Synonyms at vigor.
7. Either of two symbols, an emdash or an endash, used in writing and in printing.
8. In Morse and similar codes, the long sound or signal used in combination with the dot and silent intervals to represent letters or numbers.
9. A dashboard.

[Middle English dashen, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Danish daske, to beat.]

dash 2  (dsh)
tr.v. dashed, dash·ing, dash·es
To damn.

[Alteration of damn.]

dash  /d/  v. -es 1 [I] to run quickly over a short distance, (syn.) to sprint: I dashed into the house to get out of the rain. 2 [I] to leave quickly: I have to dash now; see you later! 3 [T] to throw down with violence, smash: The storm at sea dashed many boats against the rocks. 4 to dash off: a. to leave hurriedly: Sorry, but I have to dash off now. b. to write s.t. hurriedly: I dashed off a letter to my mother to tell her when I would arrive.
n. dashes 1 a short, rapid run, (syn.) a sprint: Lets make a dash across the street while theres no traffic. 2 an athletic event: He runs the 100-meter dash. 3 a short, horizontal line used for punctuation in writing or printing: ( ) 4 a small amount of s.t.: Put a dash of pepper in the soup. 5 the dash: the dashboard of a car See: dashboard. 6 to make a dash for it: to move fast to try to avoid danger or discomfort: The soldiers were nearly surrounded, and they made a dash for it through enemy lines. dash

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