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damn  (dm)
v. damned, damn·ing, damns
1. To pronounce an adverse judgment upon. See Synonyms at condemn.
2. To bring about the failure of; ruin.
3. To condemn as harmful, illegal, or immoral: a cleric who damned gambling and strong drink.
4. To condemn to everlasting punishment or a similar fate; doom.
5. To swear at.
To swear; curse.
Used to express anger, irritation, contempt, or disappointment.
1. The saying of damn as a curse.
2. Informal The least valuable bit; a jot: not worth a damn.
adv. & adj.
damn well
Without any doubt; positively: I am damn well going to file charges against him.

[Middle English dampnen, from Old French dampner, from Latin damnre, to condemn, inflict loss upon, from damnum, loss.]

damning·ly adv.

damn  /dm/  v. [T] 1 to condemn to hell: Christians believe the Lord damns sinners. 2 to curse with bad luck: Bad weather has damned farmers chances for good crops this year.
n.exclam. 1 a strong, offensive expression of anger: Damn! I hurt my finger! 2 slang to not give a damn: to not care: I dont give a damn what you say! -adj. damning. damn

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