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Dam  (dm, däm), (Carl Peter) Henrik 1895-1976.
Danish biochemist. He shared a 1943 Nobel Prize for the discovery of vitamin K.

dam 1  (dm)
a. A barrier constructed across a waterway to control the flow or raise the level of water.
b. A body of water controlled by such a barrier.
2. A barrier against the passage of liquid or loose material, as a rubber sheet used in dentistry to isolate one or more teeth from the rest of the mouth.
3. An obstruction; a hindrance.
tr.v. dammed, dam·ming, dams
1. To hold back or confine by means of a dam.
2. To close up; obstruct: He tried to dam his grief. See Synonyms at hinder1.

[Middle English.]

dammer n.

dam 2  (dm)
1. Abbr. d. A female parent. Used of a four-legged animal.
2. Archaic A mother.

[Middle English dam, dame, lady, mother; see dame.]

dam 3

dam  /dm/  v. [T] dammed, damming, dams to build a barrier across a river to stop or limit its flow, often to produce electrical power: Governments often dam large rivers to generate electrical power.
n. the barrier itself: Beavers build dams with logs and sticks.

Thesaurus: dam v. to block, stop up | obstruct, hinder. Ant. to unblock. dam

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