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crimp 1  (krmp)
tr.v. crimped, crimp·ing, crimps
1. To press or pinch into small regular folds or ridges: crimp a pie crust.
2. To bend or mold (leather) into shape.
3. To cause (hair) to form tight curls or waves.
4. To have a hampering or obstructive effect on: Supplies of foreign oil were crimped by the embargo.
1. The act of crimping.
2. Something made by or as if by crimping, as:
a. Hair that has been tightly curled or waved.
b. A series of curls, as of wool fibers.
c. A crease or bend.
3. An obstructing or hampering agent or force: Rising interest rates put a crimp in new home construction.

[Dutch or Low German krimpen, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German.]

crimper n.

crimp 2  (krmp)
A person who tricks or coerces others into service as sailors or soldiers.
tr.v. crimped, crimp·ing, crimps
To procure (sailors or soldiers) by trickery or coercion.

[Origin unknown.]

crimp  /krmp/  v. [T] to press or shape into small, regular folds, (syn.) to pleat
n. 1 a small, regular fold 2 fig. to put a crimp in s.t.: to make s.t. difficult, (syn.) to hinder: He had to work late, and that put a crimp in his dinner plans. crimp

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