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coun·cil  (kounsl)
a. An assembly of persons called together for consultation, deliberation, or discussion.
b. A body of people elected or appointed to serve as administrators, legislators, or advisors.
c. An assembly of church officials and theologians convened for regulating matters of doctrine and discipline.
2. The discussion or deliberation that takes place in such an assembly or body.

[Middle English counceil, from Old French concile, from Latin concilium; see kel-2 in Indo-European roots.]
Usage Note: Council, counsel, and consul are never interchangeable, though their meanings are related. Council and councilor refer principally to a deliberative assembly (such as a city council or student council), its work, and its membership. Counsel and counselor pertain chiefly to advice and guidance in general and to a person (such as a lawyer or camp counselor) who provides it. Consul denotes an officer in the foreign service of a country.

council  /kansl/  n. a group of officials or advisors, esp. to a politician: The city council advises the mayor on what to do. -n. councilor /kanslr, slr/. council

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