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cor·ri·dor  (kôr-dr, -dôr, kr-)
1. A narrow hallway, passageway, or gallery, often with rooms or apartments opening onto it.
a. A tract of land forming a passageway, such as one that allows an inland country access to the sea through another country.
b. A restricted tract of land for the passage of trains.
c. Restricted airspace for the passage of aircraft.
d. The restricted path followed by a spacecraft on a particular mission.
3. A thickly populated strip of land connecting two or more urban areas: the Boston-Washington corridor.
corridors of power
A place in which powerful leaders work and rule.

[French, from Italian corridore, from correre, to run, from Latin currere; see kers- in Indo-European roots.]

corridor  /krdr, dr, kr/  n. a hallway: That corridor leads to the classrooms. corridor

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