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cop 1  (kp)
n. Informal
1. A police officer.
2. One that regulates certain behaviors or actions: Faced with the world recession of the early 1980s, ... the World Bank ... became a stern economic taskmaster and cop (Richard J. Barnet).

[Short for copper.]

cop 2  (kp) Slang
tr.v. copped, cop·ping, cops
1. To take unlawfully or without permission; steal. See Synonyms at steal.
a. To get hold of; gain or win: a show that copped four awards; copped a ticket to the game.
b. To take or catch: copped a quick look at the gentleman in a caramel cashmere sport coat on the right (Gail Sheehy).
Phrasal Verb:
cop out
To avoid fulfilling a commitment or responsibility; renege: copped out on my friends; copped out by ducking the issue.
cop a plea
To plead guilty to a lesser charge so as to avoid standing trial for a more serious charge.

[Probably variant of cap, to catch, from Old French caper, from Latin capere; see capture.]

cop 3  (kp)
1. A cone-shaped or cylindrical roll of yarn or thread wound on a spindle.
2. Chiefly British A summit or crest, as of a hill.

[Middle English, summit, from Old English.]

cop  /kp/  n.slang a police officer: After he hit me, I called the cops to come get him.
v.slang copped, copping, cops 1 [T] to steal s.t. 2 phrasal v. [I] to cop out: to agree to do s.t., then not do it: He promised to help us with the work, but didnt show up, so he copped out on us. See: cop-out.
v. to cop a plea: (in law) to plead guilty to a lesser charge to be free of a more severe one: He copped a plea, so the judge let him off with a small fine. cop

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