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con·vict  (kn-vkt)
v. con·vict·ed, con·vict·ing, con·victs
1. Law To find or prove (someone) guilty of an offense or crime, especially by the verdict of a court: The jury convicted the defendant of manslaughter.
2. To show or declare to be blameworthy; condemn: His remarks convicted him of a lack of sensitivity.
3. To make aware of ones sinfulness or guilt.
To return a verdict of guilty in a court: We need jurors . . . who will not convict merely because they are suspicious (Scott Turow).
n. Law (knvkt)
1. A person found or declared guilty of an offense or crime.
2. A person serving a sentence of imprisonment.
adj. Archaic
Found guilty; convicted.

[Middle English convicten, from Latin convincere, convict-; see convince.]

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