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con·test  (kntst)
1. A struggle for superiority or victory between rivals.
2. A competition, especially one in which entrants perform separately and are rated by judges. See Synonyms at conflict.
v. (kn-tst, kntst) con·test·ed, con·test·ing, con·tests
1. To compete or strive for.
2. To call into question and take an active stand against; dispute or challenge: contest a will. See Synonyms at oppose.
To struggle or compete; contend: contested with other bidders for the antique.

[Probably from French conteste, from contester, to dispute, from Old French, to call to witness, from Latin contestr : com-, com- + testis, witness; see trei- in Indo-European roots.]

con·testa·ble adj.
contes·tation (knt-stshn) n.
con·tester n.

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