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con·sor·ti·um  (kn-sôrt-m, -sh-m)
n. pl. con·sor·ti·a (-t-, -sh-)
a. An association or a combination, as of businesses, financial institutions, or investors, for the purpose of engaging in a joint venture.
b. A cooperative arrangement among groups or institutions: a library consortium.
2. An association or society.
3. Law The right of a spouse to the company of, help of, affection of, and sexual relations with his or her mate.

[Latin, fellowship, from cnsors, cnsort-, partner; see consort.]

con·sorti·al adj.

consortium  /knsrim, ti/  n. -tia /i, ti/ a group of companies, schools, or other organizations joined in a common purpose: A consortium of oil companies agreed to cooperate in finding oil in Siberia. consortium

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