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con·fig·u·ra·tion  (kn-fgy-rshn)
a. Arrangement of parts or elements.
b. The form, as of a figure, determined by the arrangement of its parts or elements. See Synonyms at form.
2. Psychology Gestalt.
3. Chemistry The structural arrangement of atoms in a compound or molecule.
4. Computer Science
a. The way in which a computer system is set up: changed the configuration by resetting the parameters.
b. The set of constituent components, such as memory, a hard disk, a monitor, and an operating system, that make up a computer system.
c. The way that the components of a computer network are connected.

con·figu·ration·al·ly adv.
con·figu·rative, con·figu·ration·al adj.

configuration  /knfgyren/  n. an arrangement of things, usu. related to each other: With the furniture in this configuration, we have much more space. -v. [T] configure /knfgyr/. configuration

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