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con·fer·ence  (knfr-ns, -frns)
a. A meeting for consultation or discussion.
b. An exchange of views.
c. A meeting of committees to settle differences between two legislative bodies.
2. An assembly of clerical or of clerical and lay members from a particular district in various Protestant churches.
3. Sports An association of teams.
4. The act of conferring, as of an academic degree.

[Medieval Latin cnferentia, from Latin cnferns, cnferent-, present participle of cnferre, to bring together; see confer.]

confer·ential (-f-rnshl) adj.

conference  /knfrns, frns/  n. 1 [C] a professional meeting, convention, usu. at a big hotel: Members of every profession, from architects to zoologists, go to conferences to learn about the newest ideas and equipment in their field. 2 [C;U] a private business meeting among people: Mr. Smith cannot talk to you now; he is in a conference with his boss. conference

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