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con·clude  (kn-kld)
v. con·clud·ed, con·clud·ing, con·cludes
1. To bring to an end; close: concluded the rally with the national anthem. See Synonyms at complete.
2. To bring about (a final agreement or settlement): conclude a peace treaty.
3. To reach a decision or form an opinion about. See Synonyms at decide.
4. To arrive at (a logical conclusion or end) by the process of reasoning; infer on the basis of convincing evidence: The jury concluded that the defendant was innocent.
5. Obsolete To confine; enclose.
1. To come to an end; close.
2. To come to a decision or agreement.

[Middle English concluden, from Latin concldere : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + claudere, to close.]

con·cluder n.

conclude  /knklud/  v. -cluded, -cluding, -cludes 1 [I;T] to bring to an end: The concert concluded with an exciting song. 2 [T] to form an opinion: After not getting a salary increase, I concluded that I must find a new job. 3 to reach or come to a conclusion: to come to an agreement: The agreement was concluded and signed in 1945.

Thesaurus: conclude v. 1 to end, finish, wind up infrml. Ant. to begin. 2 to determine, figure out,
deduce. conclude

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